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Plate 16 from Atlas to Coxe's Marlborough by William Coxe Index no. 0038:0160
Map of the Principality of Mindelheim as delineated in 1706.

The Duke of Marlborough was made Prince of Mindelheim in 1705.

This English-language map of his principality is quaint, perhaps deliberately so. There are no roads, only rivers. In the centre of the principality is the main, and only, town, also called Mindelheim. Near it is the Prince's castle, and his fish-ponds. A couple of miles to the east is the village of Haimbenegg, which might provide his breakfast. There are sixty odd other villages, two neighbouring ones in the south-east both called Dorschhausen.

One of the neighbouring states is the tiny Lordship of Waldt. Another, unnamed, state is shown as containing nothing but two villages, Oberegg and Underegg.

[In fact, modern maps confirm many of the details. Haimbenegg is now called Heimenegg.]

Keywords: Mindelheim

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