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NameDate   DescriptionLanguageIndex No.
Traveller's Companion
1790Map of England and Wales, 40 county maps of England, two maps covering Wales.English0007
Historisch-Militairischen Atlas
A. G. von Groʃs
1808Plans of battles and campaignsGerman, French0051
M. L. V. la Marquise de Larochejaquelin
Seconde Édition, Revue et Corrigée
18152 platesFrench0034
Historischer Atlas von Sachsen181615 plates, covering the history of Saxony from 1145 to 1815.German0012
Cary's New Itinerary
John Cary
7th edition
1817Map of England and Wales, map showing three coach routes, six maps of regions of interest to gentlemen. English0018
Atlas zur Geschichte der sächsischen Länder
Max. Moritz Tutzschmann
183222 plates (one missing), covering the history of Saxony from ~1100 to 1852.German0054
Atlas des Erdmagnetismus
Gauss & Weber
184018 plates showing the Earth's magnetic field.German0016
Atlas to History of the Waterloo Campaign
William Siborne
18442 maps and 9 battle plans from Napoleon's final campaign.English0024
Betts's Family Atlas
Two maps, as four plates, only
1846Four large platesEnglish0033
Atlas to Alison's History of Europe
Alison & Johnston
1850109 plates, mostly of battles, covering the campaigns of Napoleon.English0013
Hobson's Fox-Hunting Atlas
J. and C. Walker; Hobson
1850English county maps showing territories of fox huntsEnglish0040
Scripture Lands .. and .. Complete Biblical Atlas
John Kitto
185024 plates of the Jewish and Christian Holy Land.English0025
Milner's Descriptive Atlas185073 plates of mapsEnglish0003
Universal Atlas of Science
James Reynolds
185453 plates of maps, astronomy, botany, physics, etc.English0029
Illustrirter Hand-Atlas
Traugott Bromme
186247 double-page maps, seven plates of flags, six plates of heraldry and medals.German0014
Atlas to Coxe's Marlborough
William Coxe
1865Campaign maps, battle plans, heraldic material, facsimile lettersEnglish0038
Atlas Antiquus
Spruner and Menke
3rd edition
186531 plates of mapsLatin0045
Atlas Antiquus
Heinrich Kiepert
186912 plates of Europe in classical times.Latin0026
The Map of Europe by Treaty
E. Hertslet
187530 plates of maps showing the effects of boundary treatiesEnglish0002
Family Atlas
187678 plates of mapsEnglish0041
Joint Maps of the Northern Boundary of the United States
Campbell, Twining, Cameron, Anderson
1878Detailed maps of the boundary, as it folows the 49th parallelEnglish0052
The Church Missionary Atlas
(The Church Missionary Society)
187930 plates showing Church Missions around the world English0030
A Magyar Szent Korona Országainak Megyei Térképei
Hátsek Ignácz
188080 plates, one for each county of the Kingdom of Hungary.Hungarian0032
Hand-Atlas für die Geschichte des Mittelalters und die neueren Zeit
Spruner and Menke
3rd edition
188090 plates of mapsGerman0046
Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Scotland
John Bartholemew
18861 railway map, 2 maps of city environs, 29 county maps.English0022
Professor G. Droysens Allgemeiner Historischer Handatlas
R. Andree
188677 plates covering world history from Roman times to 1880.German0008
Stielers Hand-Atlas189195 plates of maps.German0009
Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Wales
John Bartholemew
undated edition, circa 1895
18952 railway maps, 2 mountain maps, 12 county maps.English0023
Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England
John Bartholemew
18952 railway maps, 37 county maps, 9 miscellaneous maps.English0020
Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Ireland
John Bartholemew
18971 railway map, 33 county maps. English0021
Europe in the Sixteenth Century
18977 small maps.English0027
Victoria Regina Atlas
W. & A.K.Johnston
189716 plates (of 200), those of India onlyEnglish0042
The Balance of Power
Arthur Hassall
18986 small maps.English0028
Atlas de Filipinas
P. José Algué
Moltkes Taktisch-Strategischen Aufsätzen
Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke
190024 plates of German battles and campaigns, 1813-1866.German0015
Historical Atlas of Modern Europe
R. Lane Poole
190290 plates covering European history from Roman times to 1900.English0036
Atlas to the Historical Geography of Europe
Edward A. Freeman
3rd edition
190317 double-page plates maps, 48 half-page platesEnglish0037
Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland
Joyce & Sullivan
190540 plates, each showing 12 coats of armsEnglish0047
A History of Japan during the century of early foreign intercourse (1542-1651)
James Murdoch and Isoh Yamagata
1905Nine plates of maps.English0005
F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1905 edition
29th edition
190540 full plates, 45 half-page plates. Each plate is one or more maps, covering history (almost all European) from Biblical times to 1900.German0001
Atlas do Brazil
Barão Homem de Mello e Francisco Homem de Mello
190910 plates of the geography of Brazil, 23 plates of its provincesPortuguese0049
Atlas öfver Finland
Alfthan, Ollila, Palmén, Palmén, Sederholm, v Willebrand
Sällskapet för Finlands Geografi
191047 two-page and 16 one-page plates of maps of FinlandFinn+Fr+Sw0017
Marx's Large world table Atlas191016 plates of maps, European Russia only.Russian0010
Cambridge Modern History Atlas
Ward, Prothero, and Leathes
1912141 plates of mapsEnglish0043
Kriegsgeschichtlicher Atlas
Fritz Schirmer
1912Battle and campaign plans for wars almsot all betwe European countries, 1792-1912German0053
F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1914 edition
37th edition
191410 new or changed plates. The rest is as above.German0004
Stanford's Geological Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland
Horace B. Woodward
3rd edition
191437 geological maps, 14 plates of fossilsEnglish0035
Die Bulgaren in ihren historischen, ethnographischen und politischen Grenzen
Ishirkoff & Zlatarski
191737 plates. mostly directly copied from other works, mostly ethnographicalGerman, French, English, Bulgarian0048
Geograficzno-Statystyczny Atlas Polski
Dr. Eugenjusz Romer
2nd edition
192134 plates of maps of Poland.Polish0031
F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1923 edition
44th edition
192384 new or changed plates. The rest is as above.German0004
F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1923 edition
44th edition
192367 new or changed plates. The rest is as above.German0019
School Atlas
James Cornwell
c. 185230 small plates.English0011
various flat mapsvariousMiscellaneous unbound maps0039